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Files with Login Information and Credentials

Identify and Remove Files with Login Information and Credentials


Administrators, application owners, managers, and users cannot be expected to remember all of the login credentials they should have access to – services that are vital but rarely used, applications running with accounts that have forced password changes, subscriptions to external services that are accessed through a shared account. Without a corporate password management system it is inevitable that users and teams establish their own methods of recording and sharing login information and credentials.

In Northern’s experience, most organizations are unwittingly exposed to the enormous risk that these weakly protected and highly sensitive files represent. Teams and users are sharing files and emails that contain libraries of IDs and corresponding passwords, often together with server names and IP addresses. Clearly this is a huge risk for the information and cyber security of the entire organization – results of theft or unintended disclosure can be devastating. But this risk can be measured, and eliminated.

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Reduce risk

Security breaches, cyber-crime and data privacy regulation – your organization’s data will inevitably contain sensitive information.

Reduce cost

Storing your organization’s data is costly, especially when considering all expenses associated with housing the data.

Increase efficiency

Efficiency of those owning and being dependent of the data decreases as it becomes increasingly chaotic.

Corporate responsibility

Pressure mounts on all organizations to take more social responsibility – IT services, internal or external, need to incorporate capabilities facilitating CSR.
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If you wish to start using NSS to identify and remove files with login information and credentials, please contact your Account Manager, or the Professional Services team to get assistance in configuring your NSS deployment.
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