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What we deliver

Pro-active management of semi- and unstructured data delivers value in several ways. Besides the targeted outcome of a prioritized use case, there will be positive outcomes in other areas too.

Addressing the challenges of data management

User Data Management (UDM) deals with the challenges and opportunities related to unstructured, user-generated data. Using a technically and organizationally integrated solution providing insight and control facilitates the efficient management of user data in a controlled, consistent and defensible manner.

End-to-end solutions

From collecting data about the current data footprint to measuring the success and effects of the actions taken, Northern’s software provides a complete solution to any organizations data management challenges.

Visualizing File Service Use

File data growth rates hit 61%, surging cloud storage prices for locked-in customers, the average cost of a data breach reaching $4.35M – it is time to lift the covers from file data and prepare for change.

Dealing with Legacy Data

There is no benefit for an organization to store files longer than necessary or useful – there is only cost and risk. Why, then, do so few organizations regularly appraise and clean up their file data footprints?



All deliverables

Reduce risk

Security breaches, cyber-crime and data privacy regulation – your organization’s data will inevitably contain sensitive information. Knowing where this information resides, being able to address identified risks and ensuring compliance with policies – these are crucial capabilities to reduce risks relating to file data.

Reduce cost

On-prem or in the cloud – storing your organization’s data is costly, especially when considering all expenses associated with housing the data, and keeping it over time. Identifying and removing data categories like ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial), and archiving other categories, will significantly reduce costs.

Increase efficiency

Data grows continuously and mostly in an uncontrolled way – efficiency of those owning and being dependent of the data decreases as it becomes increasingly chaotic. Having insight and control over your file data will improve efficiency of data owners, and of those tasked to control the risks associated with the data.

Corporate responsibility

Pressure mounts on all organizations to take more social responsibility – IT services, internal or external, need to incorporate capabilities facilitating CSR. The ability to measure and compare for example environmental impact of different file services, and to take action to improve is no longer optional capabilities.

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