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Customer Support Program

Support Desk

Northern is building a reputation for delivering highly responsive, professional and efficient technical support to a global customer base – a customer-base comprised almost exclusively of enterprise-scale organizations. This service is delivered in accordance to Northern’s Support and Maintenance Service Level Agreement.

Service Level Agreement

The summary below is provided for information purposes. Full details of Northern’s Support and Maintenance Service Level Agreement is available, here.

Standard Support and Maintenance

A typical customer engagement will see Northern assisting a customer/partner to design, test and deploy a solution. This solution will be proven to solve one or more challenges that are found within the customer environment. The scope of this solution may be defined in a Scope of Work document and will be based on Northern’s software. Following hand-over to the customer, all technical queries related to this solution are answered in accordance with the Service Level Agreement for standard support and maintenance.

Opening a Ticket

Tickets should be submitted via this form. Tickets can be opened in the customer’s local language but the customer should expect detailed correspondance to be received in English.

In order to progress and resolve a support ticket it is clearly essential that Northern’s Technical Support Team are given reasonable access to information about the problem/question, the customer environment and other applications running in that environment.

All information supplied by the customer is treated as strictly confidential.

Response Times

Target communication intervals depend on the classification and severity of the ticket; progress updates are less frequent for an intermittent fault in a minor feature than for sustained failure of a major feature. Target initial response times and communication intervals are summarized in the table.

Response times and communication intervals are measured in local (for the customer) business hours (9AM-6PM), Monday through Friday. For example: a ticket properly submitted at 2PM EST that receives an initial response at 9AM EST on the following day will have an initial response time of 4 hours.

Severity Level
Target Initial Response-Time
Communication Interval
Severity 1
– Loss of service; users are unable to work
<8 Hours
<16 Hours
Severity 2
– Sustained failure of a major feature
<8 Hours
<16 Hours
Severity 3
– Intermittent failure of a major feature
– Sustained failure of a minor feature
<12 Hours
<20 Hours
Severity 4
– Intermittent failure of a minor feature
<16 Hours
<32 Hours

Augmented Support and Maintenance

Certain customers may be eligible for Northern’s Augmented Support and Maintenance SLA; providing increased accessibility to Northern’s expertise. This service level is available for purchase exclusively by larger organizations with complex needs or environments. Benefits of advancing to Northern’s Augmented Support and Maintenance service level are as follows:

  • Priority queuing of support tickets
  • Appointed Solution Manager
  • Business Review meetings
  • Automatic qualification for beta programs
  • Software maintenance services
  • Discounted Professional Services

If you believe that your organization would benefit from these additional services, and that your organization is eligible to enroll, please contact your account manager. You can find contact details for you regional sales office here.

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