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Reduce cost

On-prem or in the cloud – storing your organization’s data is costly, especially when considering all expenses associated with housing the data, and keeping it over time. Identifying and removing data categories like ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial), and archiving other categories, will significantly reduce costs.


Business Needs

Distribute Cost of File Service use

For organizations employing a service-oriented IT infrastructure, a reliable and integrated method of calculating and billing for file storage use is a critical capability.

For service providers, the ability to deliver accurate and transparent calculations of file storage use is clearly fundamental to the business model.



More of what we deliver

Reduce risk

Security breaches, cyber-crime and data privacy regulation – your organization’s data will inevitably contain sensitive information.

Increase efficiency

Efficiency of those owning and being dependent of the data decreases as it becomes increasingly chaotic.

Corporate responsibility

Pressure mounts on all organizations to take more social responsibility – IT services, internal or external, need to incorporate capabilities facilitating CSR.
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Take Control of Your Data

Northern’s software provides an end-to-end solution allowing you to present the data to the relevant stakeholders, take actions such as move or quarantine and measure the level of success.

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