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It turns out that storage in the cloud isn’t free after all. The financial reality may not be a surprise to all, but for many senior decision makers it’s coming as a shock, a monthly and increasingly intimidating shock. Digital Workspace owners are rushing to control M365 Storage Overage Fees.

A corporate AI solution is an information-mining and accessibility solution. Put it into the hands of a user and every tiny piece of sensitive information that that user could ever hope to find, in the large pool of files they have access to, is now just one question away.

One of Northern’s largest customers, a multinational company with tens of thousands of employees, is currently migrating a large portion of its file data from a NAS in a central data center and some 80 global file servers to a new cloud-based file storage platform.

La nécessité d’identifier et de supprimer les archives d’emails, en particulier les fichiers PST, résonnera pour de nombreuses organisations.

Identifier et supprimer les répertoires abandonnés.

Identifier et rétablir les autorisations sur les dossiers où les administrateurs ont un accès limité.

Donner un aperçu de l’utilisation du service de fichiers aux managers.

Identifier et supprimer les fichiers informatiques inutilisés.

Mesurer et exposer les données non relatives au travail dans les répertoires personnels.

Summary Organizations are realizing that guarding their network perimeter, with Firewalls and VPNs, does not provide adequate security in today’s threat environment. Credential theft, accidental data exposure, insider threats; the need for identity and device authentication within the network must be coupled with the Principle of Least Privilege to harden our networks. The good news, …

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