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Solve Your File Data Challenges

At Northern, all we care about is ensuring our customers keep the risk, cost and environmental impact of their file data at the lowest possible level.

The core of facilitating this proactive management of data is our Northern Software Solution, NSS. NSS enables actionable analytics across huge file data repositories, regardless of if these are in the cloud or on premise. 

We know that risk, cost and environmental impact of file data need to be managed. Contact us, and we’ll explain how we’ll apply our software together with our expertise to help you reduce your costs, minimize your risk posture as well as the environmental impact of your data!

What We Deliver

Northern delivers a software-based solution that enables the organization to monitor, guide and enforce policies to the challenges surrounding file data.

Featured customers

Northern helps organizations to deal with their data management challenges. By working closely with our customers every day of the year, our ability to help with LGRC (legal governance, risk management and compliance), cybersecurity as well as cost control use cases, is constantly evolving.

We are Northern

With unique expertise and our outstanding proprietary technology, enable organizations to pro-actively manage risk, value, cost and environmental impact of their semi- and unstructured data.

We believe that data generated by the people working for an organization needs to be managed. We know this isn’t the case in the majority of organizations around the world yet. The only thing we do, is help organizations around the world to manage their semi- and unstructured data. We aren’t satisfied until we’ve seen a customer achieve the reduction in risks and costs and found the valuable data.

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Whether you are an existing customer or new to data management, we are here to help with any questions you might have.

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