Northern has delivered user data management solutions to a variety of different organizations around the world. The specific needs and goals may differ, but they all have one thing in common: a challenge connected to user-generated data.


An Investment Management unit of a Bank

“Improving Regulatory Compliance Through Pro-Active Management of File Data.”

This Case Study provides an overview of a Records Management initiative at an investment management unit, a business unit of a major bank corporation.

The main purpose of this initiative is for the investment management unit to improve their risk posture in unstructured and semi-structured data by identifying and segregating files that may be stored in conflict with regulatory requirements. The initiative is focused on records relating to divested business operations and records kept in conflict with retention policies.

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Canadian Bank

“Driven by the bank’s plan to move to a cloud-based storage solution.”

One of Canada’s largest banks is devoted to a client-focused strategy that includes innovating for the future and simplifying the business. However, these very priorities were missing in the bank’s process for managing data storage. A system of controls, configured at a very granular and tactical level, was adding administrative complexity and reducing user efficiency.

By partnering with Northern, the bank has gained measurable improvements through User Data Management.

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Thales Alenia Space

“Slowing the growth of user-generated data just a little bit means big savings over time.”

Two of the biggest challenges for Thales Alenia Space are the need to save the data for such a long time – sometimes as long as multiple decades, together with the fact that they have an average growth rate of 35% year over year. A situation making it crucial managing the data.

Read more about how Thales, together with Northern and its UDM solution, managed to get the growth rate down to only 10%.

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The Municipality of Gävle

“The main objective is to raise awareness amongst our customers…about how much data they store, what it costs and that they can influence those costs.”

The municipality of Gävle faces a challenge in that it’s employees are spread across different work functions and geographic locations. Additionally, the municipality’s data growth has been high, and both the IT department and the other municipal departments have had limited insight into what the stored data actually represents

Read about how the municipality of Gävle has given each of the departments the tools, and responsibility to manage their own data.

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The Municipality of Kristianstad

“NSS gives us a control over the user generated data that is necessary for us to be able to ensure both a secure operation and a sustainable development.”

With a growth rate of over 50% per year the need to clean up the user-generated data and change the users’ behavior at The Municipality of Kristianstad was pressing, especially since they were about to migrate the data to a new hardware platform.

Read how Northern could help The Municipality of Kristianstad gain the insight into the data needed, as well as the tools to give the end-users the information needed to clean up their own data.

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