Using the Dr Northern Utility

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The Dr. Northern tool collects system information (system logs, etc.) and information about the NSS configuration (settings, trace files, etc.). This information is extremely useful in processing support cases.

The package of information that Dr. Northern creates is an open format, so you can review and remove any data that you consider too sensitive to share with Northern. Removal of information should not be done without cause, as it may inhibit analysis and cause delays in the resolution of your problem. If you remove information you should also explain what you removed when contacting Northern Support.


1 Log in to the NSS server where you are experiencing the unexpected behaviour with an account that is a local administrator. Northern recommends using the NSS Service Account.
2 Open the folder installation-path\NORTHERN\Storage Suite\Tools\DoctorNorthernForNSS.

The default installation path is C:\Program Files\Northern\Storage Suite\Tools\DoctorNorthernForNSS

Right-click on the Dr. Northern executable and click on Run as administrator.

3 Click Next. Using the Dr Northern Utility - First page
4 Read the License Agreement, click on ‘I agree‘, and then click Next. Using the Dr Northern Utility - EULA
5 Enter or select a path where the Dr. Northern output will be saved. Using the Dr Northern Utility - File location selection
6 Click Start to start the gathering of logs and configuration information.

When the data has been gathered you will see a Data Collection Completed message in the status window.

Click Finish.

Using the Dr Northern Utility - Data gathering complete
7 Open the Dr Northern output folder specified in the step 5. If necessary, you can now open the collected diagnostic files and remove any information you consider too sensitive to share with Northern.
8 Zip the output folder with your preferred zipping program, or right-click the folder and go to Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. Using the Dr Northern Utility - Zipping the output
9 Send the compressed Dr. Northern output to Northern Technical Support by uploading it to Northern’s Hightail Portal.

Enter your name and email. If you already have a case number assigned to you, enter it in the message field.

Click on ADD MORE FILES and select the zipped Dr. Northern file. When you are done, click on Upload to send the file to Northern Support.

If your internal policies prevent you from using the Hightail system, please contact the support team to receive instructions on how to use alternative methods to deliver your diagnostic files.

Using the Dr Northern Utility - Hightail upload
10 After sending with Hightail, an email is automatically sent to the support team notifying them that the package has been submitted. After you have completed these steps, the analysis of the log files will begin. Northern Support will follow up with you through the mail address you provided when uploading the file to Hightail.


Dr. Northern doesn’t start
You are most likely not running the program as an administrator. Make sure that you right-click the executable and select Run as administrator.

The log files seem to be gathered, but there are missing files
The account that you are logged in with might not have full access to all the folders, registry entries, and application logs that it needs to have. Make sure the account that you are logged in with is a local administrator on the server.


Handling Project and Case Data