Using the Dr Northern Utility

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The Dr. Northern tool collects system information (system logs, etc.) and information about the NSS configuration (policies configured, trace files, etc.). This information is extremely useful in processing support cases.

The package of information that Dr. Northern creates is an open format, so you can review and remove any data that you do not wish to share with Northern. Be careful not to remove any information that might be vital to analysis of your problem.



1 On the server where you’re experiencing the unexpected behaviour, navigate to installation-directory\NORTHERN\Storage Suite\Tools\DoctorNorthernForNSS.

Right-click on the Dr. Northern executable and choose to run the utility as an administrator.

Make sure you run Dr. Northern locally on the server where you’re experiencing the problem.

2 The Dr. Northern wizard is prompted. Click on Next to proceed.
3 Read the terms of agreement and choose to agree or disagree with these terms.
4 Assuming you chose to agree with the terms, select the appropriate output path and start the tool by clicking Start.
5 Verify that the data gather was successful and then click Finish.
6 Navigate to the Dr Northern output folder specified in the previous step. If necessary, you can now open the collected diagnostic files and review for information that should be redacted or removed.
7 Now compress the output folder to a .zip or .rar-file.
8 Send the compressed Dr. Northern output to Northern Technical Support by uploading it to Northern’s Hightail Portal. Enter the assigned case number as the subject field.

An email will be automatically sent to the support team, notifying them that the package has been uploaded.


Last updated: September 20, 2019