Software Versions and Support Status

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NSS 8 8.27 (J) Aug, 2009 3008.27.9121.4221 Withdrawn (2014-Mar-12)
8.x Oct, 2007 Withdrawn (2014-Oct-10)
NSS 9 9.0 9.00 SR3 Oct, 2012 9.00.16807.1210 Withdrawn (2016-May-20)
SR4 Feb, 2013 9.00.17026.1302 Withdrawn (2016-May-20)
SR5 Feb, 2013 9.00.17026.1302 Withdrawn (2016-May-20)
SR6 Mar, 2013 9.00.17120.1303 Withdrawn (2016-May-20)
SR7 May, 2013 9.00.17220.1305 Withdrawn (2016-May-20)
SR8 Jun, 2013 9.00.17340.1306 Withdrawn (2016-May-20)
SR9 Oct, 2013 9.00.17625.1310 Withdrawn (2016-May-20)
9.5 9.50 2014-Mar-12 9.50.17740.1312 Withdrawn (2017-Jan-25)
SR1 2014-Mar-12 9.50.17843.1402 Withdrawn (2017-Jan-25)
SR2 2014-Apr-24 9.50.17969.1404 Withdrawn (2017-Jan-25)
SR3 2014-May-27 9.50.18067.1405 Withdrawn (2017-Jan-25)
SR4 2014-Aug-28 9.50.18206.1407 Withdrawn (2017-Jan-25)
9.6 9.60 2014-Aug-28 9.60.18274.1408 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
SR1 2014-Oct-10 9.60.18380.1410 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
SR2 2014-Nov-26 9.60.18562.1411 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
9.61 2015-Feb-16 9.61,18723.1502 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
SR1 2015-Mar-27 9.61.18853.1503 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
SR2 2015-May-18 9.61.18990.1505 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
SR3 2015-Jul-02 9.61.19180.1506 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
SR4 2015-Sep-15 9.61.19378.1509 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
SR5 2015-Nov-16 9.61.19529.1511 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
SR6 2016-Mar-16 9.61.19826.1603 Withdrawn (2017-Dec-12)
9.7 9.70 SR1 2016-Mar-16 9.70.19849.1603 Sunset (2017-Dec-12)
SR2 2016-May-20 9.70.20083.1605 Sunset (2017-Dec-12)
SR3 2016-June-27 9.70.20161.1606 Sunset (2017-Dec-12)
SR4 2016-Sep-02 9.70.20304.1608 Sunset (2017-Dec-12)
SR5 2016-Oct-07 9.70.20363.1609 Sunset (2017-Dec-12)
SR6 2016-Dec-01 9.70.20574.1611 Sunset (2017-Dec-12)
9.8 9.80 2016-Nov-16 9.80.20518.1611 Supported
SR1 2017-Jan-25 9.80.20764.1701 Supported
SR2 2017-May-3 9.80.20993.1704 Supported
9.81 SR1 2017-Oct-3 9.81.21381.1709 Supported
SR2 2017-Dec-12 9.81.21580.1711 Supported
SR3 2018-Feb-22 9.81.21843.1802 Supported
SR4 2018-May-16 9.81.22088.1805 General Deployment
9.9 9.90 SR1 2018-Oct-26 9.90.22449.1810 Generally Available Release Notes
SR2 2018-Dec-7 9.90.22550.1812 Generally Available Release Notes
SR3 2019-Jan-31 9.90.22653.1901 Generally Available Release Notes
SR4 2019-Apr-12 9.90.22876.1904 Generally Available Release Notes
SR5 2019-May-20 Generally Available Release Notes
SR6 2019-July-23 9.90.23076.1907 Generally Available Release Notes



During a product beta program, Northern normally designates a specific technical contact to support and guide testing procedures. Beta code is provided on an “as-is” basis.

Generally Available

This is the most recent version of the software to be validated for production use. Customers seeking specific new functionalities and fixes included in this version should upgrade as required. Support Tickets opened in association with the use of this version may involve a request to upgrade to a future version when the unexpected behavior requires a code-level change in the software.

General Deployment

This is the recommended version of the software for all normal deployments. The processing of Support Tickets associated with the use of this version may involve a request to upgrade to a Generally Available version, but only after this has been identified as a possible resolution to the ticket.


This is a supported older version of the current software branch. Analysis of unexpected behavior can be carried out in this version, and usage advice can be provided, without prior request to upgrade. Any code-level changes that may be necessary to resolve an unexpected behavior in this version will be provided in a later release.


Northern’s support staff will make reasonable effort to trouble-shoot without upgrade but customers should be aware that the most efficient processing of any Support Ticket associated with the use of this version is likely to first include an upgrade step. If, in the processing of a Support Ticket, it is identified that a code-level change is needed then such changes will be implemented in a future version. If it is identified that an appropriate code-level change has already been implemented in a current General Deployment or Generally Available version, then the customer will be required to upgrade to this version. Exceptions can be made if an Extended Support agreement is in place – contact your Account Manager for further details.


The processing of Support Tickets associated with the use of this version will almost certainly first require that the software is upgraded to a Generally Available or General Deployment version. The exceptions would be a ticket associated with a request for information or a known behaviour with a known work-around.


Last updated: August 30, 2019