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Improved Support for Multi-level Aggregation
It’s always been possible to configure NSS to analyse file systems at multiple levels; aggregating data at the top folder level as well as one, two, three, etc. levels down. However, some of the default summary metrics in the NSS Console did not accommodate this type of configuration well, and miscalculations could occur. These problems were limited to the built-in Summary widgets that can be added to dashboards, and the Summary statistics in the default drill-down pages. Now in NSS 9.90 SR4 these types of configurations are much better supported. The drill-down possibilities that multi-level aggregation gives should not be ignored. Contact a member of Northern’s Field Engineering team to find out how you should change your scanning configuration.
Improved Support for Share Duplication and Nesting
File systems grow organically. Over-time it is not uncommon for individual file paths to be shared out multiple times, with different users accessing the same folder structures through different routes. That these shares are nested within one-another is a similarly regular scenario. Share duplication and nesting can easily lead to very confusing file systems, with data volumes multiplied and an apparent end-less depth to share paths. NSS was not immune to the problems these scenarios could cause; the NSS Console’s built-in Summary widgets and the Summary statistics in the default drill-down pages could present confusing results. Now in NSS 9.90 SR4, Northern has significantly improved handling of share duplication and nesting in these problem areas. There is still some work to do in Path Category and Path Label summaries, but NSS is moving ever closer to being able to paint a clear picture of even the most chaotic file systems.
Extended Text-Mining Capabilities – New Standard Patterns
Data categorization through analysis of file content is proving a very powerful capability in proactive strategies for improved Information Security, Data Governance, and Regulatory Compliance. Northern offers the possibility to use Regular Expressions to search for and match strings and/or patterns – giving enormous flexibility. Northern also offers ‘Standard Patterns’ to search for common and well defined patterns of characters within files. As fixed pattern definitions within the core of the software, Standard Patterns provide very significant performance advantages (in the region of fifty times faster than RegEx). NSS SR4 introduces ten new Standard Patterns:
– GB VAT Numbers
– GB Driving License Numbers
– IPv4 Numbers
– US Social Security Numbers
– French NIR
– Polish PESEL
– 8,10,11, and 12 digit strings
Identify Files Containing Hidden Streams
Hidden Streams, or Alternate Data Streams, were introduced into NTFS as a way to offer interoperability with Macintosh HFS. Intended to enable meta data to be stored within a file without compromising the original file structure. However, the content of Hidden Streams is not limited to text data. Binary streams constituting executables, images, videos, etc. can all be hidden from regular applications and users via Hidden Streams. NSS has had the capability to identify Hidden Streams for a number of years. Now, with the release of NSS 9.90 SR4, operators can configure these analyses directly from the software’s web-based interface. Find users concealing inappropriate content, files containing hidden malicious code, files downloaded from the Internet – whether your goals are improved Cyber Security, Information Security, or Regulatory Compliance, the ability to identify Hidden Streams could prove invaluable.
Stability and Polish
As with any normal Service Release, NSS 9.90 SR4 includes a slew of smaller improvements and advances. Usability, performance, and user experience remain a constant focus in our software development.
NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software capabilities are available to you. Please contact your Account Manager, or to discuss the use cases NSS can be put to in your organization.


This change log details changes made between NSS 9.90 SR3 (9.90.22682.1902) and NSS 9.90 SR4 (9.90.22876.1904).

DNSSK-6228 WebClient: Access Rules do not apply on identical paths and their children
DNSSK-6225 WebClient: Wrong path is deleted from Scan Paths page
DNSSK-6212 WebClient: Server errors not being translated
DNSSK-6205 WebClient: Scan Jobs page can hang when there are many Scans
DNSSK-6200 WebClient: Pages can hang when opening second content field window (magnifier)
DNSSK-6198 WebClient: No error handling in Single Path Page
DNSSK-6163 NSR: Improve the defaults for Permissions and Share Permissions
DNSSK-6158 WebClient: Scan Jobs status can be incorrect
DNSSK-6155 WebClient: Show paths that have been selected in Scan Job configuration first
DNSSK-6154 WebClient: Include Scan Schedule, Performance Intervals and Options into Scan Package
DNSSK-6147 NSR: Make the OwnerSid field available in the Report API
DNSSK-6144 NSR: Cannot view hidden Unicode streams, only ANSI
DNSSK-6143 NSR: Inconsistent FilePaths and FileNames for folders in custom folder reports
DNSSK-6142 WebClient: Paths that were not scanned within the ‘DaysToLookback’ period are included in results
DNSSK-6139 WebClient: Scan package import fails but succeeded message is still displayed
DNSSK-6132 WebClient: Error Installing NSS Console, NSSX Service not starting
DNSSK-6125 NQS: Quota Server fails when a parameter is missing in an attempted conversion between utf8 and utf16 NP-9558
DNSSK-6120 NSR: FolderCount() field is incorrect when aggregating on multiple path levels
DNSSK-6114 NQS: Remote NAS FQDN Object Path \\server.domain\… is incorrectly converted to \\server.domain.domain\…
DNSSK-6112 NSR: Add 8,10,11, and 12 FixedDigit Standard Patterns for text-mining
DNSSK-6110 NSR: Manually aborted scans (NSS Core service stopped and temporary scan files removed from the Database folder) are never marked as finished
DNSSK-6108 NSR: Implement GB VAT as a Standard Pattern for text-mining
DNSSK-6098 NQS: Setting Quota properties in errAddQuota directly to the RowData object etc is not fully supported
DNSSK-6092 NQS: Make Invalid Quota Recovery Times configurable
DNSSK-6088 WebClient: Unknown Error is displayed when a user attempts to add a host but lacks the necessary administrative rights (in NSS Console)
DNSSK-6084 WebClient: Error validating credentials when moving files to quarantine (Move to Quarantine file action)
DNSSK-6076 WebClient: Implement Scan Queue REST API
DNSSK-6073 WebClient: Scan Jobs page difficult to use while a scan job is running (buttons intermittently unavailable)
DNSSK-6072 NQS: QS Update Service doesn’t work towards QS on Windows Clusters
DNSSK-6067 NQS: When sending notification mails on level change check that the current state is the same as the triggering state NP-9381, NP-9483
DNSSK-6056 WebClient: Implement Rest API to allow control over NSSX settings
DNSSK-6048 WebClient: “Input string was not in a correct format” in trace file hiding a true error
DNSSK-6037 NSR: For Regex Implement pm.count, pm.contains and pm.matches
DNSSK-6036 NSR: For Word Lists Implement pm.count, pm.contains and pm.matches
DNSSK-6034 NSR: For Std Patterns Implement pm.count, pm.contains and pm.matches
DNSSK-6031 WebClient: Support Hidden Stream reporting in Scan Functions
DNSSK-6024 NSR: Add new Standard Patterns: IPv4, GBR Driving License, USA SSN, French NIR, Polish PESEL
DNSSK-6010 NSR: Expose more scan states in Report API
DNSSK-6006 WebClient: Remove Filter button does not remove all filters when creating/editing a Scan Function
DNSSK-6004 WebClient: “Duplicate Files” widget does not follow sort direction correctly
DNSSK-6002 WebClient: Optimize Scan Function Results chart query
DNSSK-5999 WebClient: Exported CSV file of a duplicate report contains extra columns
DNSSK-5996 WebClient: Oldest files widget on single share does not correctly filter data on path
DNSSK-5974 WebClient: Widget Title text color does not follow css correctly
DNSSK-5972 WebClient: Not choosing Aggregate Column when creating aggregate Scan Function will incorrectly check and disable the Workflow Support checkbox
DNSSK-5969 NQS: Change handling of invalid Quotas to prevent excessive attempts to refresh the quota state
DNSSK-5967 WebClient: Add date columns to the Duplicate Scan Function template
DNSSK-5964 NSR: Make the database connection string of the legacy Storage Reporter client configurable
DNSSK-5963 WebClient: No Scan Paths Configured is showing after toggling “Show All Paths”
DNSSK-5962 NSR: Function Column strings should be truncated when they are too long to insert
DNSSK-5957 NQS: If NetAppFilers is incorrectly formatted an empty list of NetApp Filers is returned
DNSSK-5946 WebClient: Kendo UI incorrectly shown as author of exported Excel documents
DNSSK-5925 NSS: Add Word List functionality to Path Labels
DNSSK-5837 WebClient: No Configuration Summary is displayed after creating an Aggregate Scan Function
DNSSK-5835 WebClient: Changing the name of a Scan Job does not change the name in History view
DNSSK-5828 WebClient: Remember chosen columns and their sizes in Scan Job History
DNSSK-4466 WebClient: Widget doesn’t allow all characters in the Function Column name
DNSSK-4434 NSR: Scan For Hidden Streams with report Api to detect downloaded files

NSS 9.90 SR4 is a GA version. Meaning it is available to customers who wish to take advantage of new capabilities, and recommended for customers experiencing any unexpected behaviour that is listed as resolved in the table above.

For customers with live Support and Maintenance agreements or solution subscriptions, access to this software package should be requested via mail. Please contact and request a download link.

Last updated: August 01, 2019