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Performance improvements in Suspected Duplicate File analyses
File duplication is a major source of data sprawl, and a telling symptom of specific inefficient/hazardous working practices. NSS offers the capability to find true duplicates (binary matching) and suspected duplicates (name and size matching). With NSS 9.90 SR3, customers can expect to be able to collect full (grouped) lists of suspected duplicate files, in specific file shares or across the entire File Service, in significantly less time than with previous versions of NSS. Exact performance increases depend on multiple factors (number of matching files being the most significant), but customers should expect at least a 20% increase in performance.
Optimized database indexing
NSS creates indices on Scan Function data within its database tables. These enhance loading, sorting, and filtering in dashboard widgets. Too many indices, however, can slow down operations in the data gathering phase. NSS 9.90 SR3 introduces optimizations that significantly reduce the impact of having large numbers of simultaneously indexed columns in the same Scan Job.
NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software capabilities are available to you. Please contact your Account Manager, or to discuss the use cases NSS can be put to in your organization.


This change log details changes made between NSS 9.90 SR2 (9.90.22550.1812) and 9.90 SR3 (9.90.22682.1902).

DNSSK-6075 NSR: Report rows are not purged as expected when using ‘aggregation levels’ in SharePoint (on-prem or online) Scan Jobs
DNSSK-6051 WebClient: Futher optimization of database indexing for custom Scan Functions
DNSSK-6038 NSR: Extend level of multi-threading in Duplicate File post-processing
DNSSK-6029 WebClient: Scan scheduling fails when large intervals are used

NSS 9.90 SR3 is a GA version. Meaning it is available to customers who wish to take advantage of new capabilities, and recommended for customers experiencing any unexpected behaviour that is listed as resolved in the table above.

For customers with live Support and Maintenance agreements or solution subscriptions, access to this software package should be requested via mail. Please contact and request a download link.

Last updated: August 01, 2019