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Stability and Predictability
As a service release sprint, the focus for this latest development cycle has been on solidifying the advances made in NSS 9.90 and 9.90 SR1; fixing issues and making small extensions to the capabilities introduced in those versions. The importance of NSS 9.90 SR2 should not be down-played however; it is another important milestone achieved for Northern’s user data management solution.
Display Polish
Clarity and responsiveness are fundamental for user experience. NSS 9.90 SR2 includes a long list of small, but cumulatively significant improvements in how information is displayed. From simple additions like improved labeling on pie-charts, to more advanced changes such as intuitive sorting in duplicate file analysis lists.
NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software capabilities are available to you. Please contact your Account Manager, or to discuss the use cases NSS can be put to in your organization.


This change log details changes made between NSS 9.90 SR1 (9.90.22449.1810) and 9.90 SR2 (9.90.22550.1812).

DNSSK-5992 WebClient: Can’t filter on Workflow tags in Scan Function results widget
DNSSK-5987 WebClient: Not possible to migrate host scan because of duplicate entry
DNSSK-5981 WebClient: NSSX Service fails to start when database server is unavailable
DNSSK-5978 WebClient: NSS Console tries to logon to database as ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’
DNSSK-5966 WebClient: Schedule and Status for Scan Job showing wrong numbers in Edge
DNSSK-5960 WebClient: Path Categories are not updated in the PATHS table when Scan Path is Updated
DNSSK-5959 WebClient: Path Labels not updated when path changes Category
DNSSK-5956 WebClient: Failed to run Automatic Refresh of path Labels
DNSSK-5955 WebClient: Show labels on Pie Chart in Custom Analysis
DNSSK-5954 WebClient: Modify indexing for Duplicate Data set
DNSSK-5953 WebClient: Console Trace Files are not being zipped
DNSSK-5952 WebClient: Allow user to set ODBC Driver to NSS Core Service
DNSSK-5947 WebClient: Slow loading message shows up too soon after loading starts
DNSSK-5942 WebClient: Go straight to next page in the wizard when choosing widget type
DNSSK-5937 WebClient: Not possible to edit chart if there is more than one widget
DNSSK-5936 WebClient: Scan Run Time is not showing
DNSSK-5932 WebClient: User Role does not contain possibility to view Custom Analysis data by default
DNSSK-5929 WebClient: Not possible to move file(s) to quarantine
DNSSK-5923 NSR: An unlimited column size is specified as 0 or empty, according to the Console help text
DNSSK-5922 WebClient: Invalid Column name RowID when exporting to CSV
DNSSK-5917 WebClient: Performance Intervals set in the Console are ignored
DNSSK-5916 NSR: Apply the path.*() expressions to the FilePath column instead of RootPath when used in reports
DNSSK-5912 NSR: WorkflowSupport should be allowed on aggregated reports
DNSSK-5905 WebClient: Migration fails when column named UserName is used
DNSSK-5904 Report API: The Value column in the ForeignValue table is always NVARCHAR(450)
DNSSK-5902 WebClient: Content field has no magnifying glass
DNSSK-5892 WebClient: Default QS service port is not correctly set after clean installation
DNSSK-5881 WebClient: Getting Service Information is displayed forever when editing host
DNSSK-5880 WebClient: Message when leaving the dashboard under editing is confusing
DNSSK-5877 WebClient: Duplicate Files widget shows items with incorrect sorting direction
DNSSK-5861 WebClient: Widget container has multiple borders
DNSSK-5859 WebClient: Remove link to single path page from the drilldown pages
DNSSK-5855 WebClient: Widget that contains a column name starting with a number fails to load
DNSSK-5841 WebClient: Custom Analysis widget grid columns resized on sort and filter
DNSSK-5838 WebClient: Chart title is incorrect when connected to a custom analysis
DNSSK-5797 WebClient: Same text shown in two places in Add/Edit Widget wizard
DNSSK-5783 WebClient: User should get an error message if no columns have been defined in Scan Function
DNSSK-5760 WebClient: Can’t delete rule after creation of the same rule
DNSSK-5752 WebClient: Stop time in scan history is shown as 1/1/0001 when it has not finished
DNSSK-5751 WebClient: Unnecessary admin audit logging
DNSSK-5696 WebClient: Job name is not translated when opening running jobs window multiple times
DNSSK-5663 WebClient: Dashboards are not populated in the menu
DNSSK-5609 WebClient: Widget paths have ID 0 after changing Group Value setting NP-9376
DNSSK-5580 WebClient: Display problem when opening multiple permission windows
DNSSK-5404 WebClient: Not possible to view data in aggregated custom report when user has access rules

NSS 9.90 SR2 is a GA version. Meaning it is available to customers who wish to take advantage of new capabilities, and recommended for customers experiencing any unexpected behaviour that is listed as resolved in the table above.

For customers with live Support and Maintenance agreements or solution subscriptions, access to this software package should be requested via mail. Please contact and request a download link.

Last updated: August 01, 2019