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New Interface for Configuring File Service Content Analyses
NSS offers a very powerful content analysis engine; collecting, comparing, filtering, and grouping file service content according to a multitude of file/folder attributes. Before 9.90, customers wanting to take advantage of the full range of possibilities this engine offers would define their analyses using PowerShell and the API documentation shipped with NSS. A fantastic route for those familiar with PowerShell and API documentation; for IT staff. NSS 9.90 SR1 introduces a configuration interface designed much more for the business user. Now your organization’s Data Management Practice will not need to rely on regular access to heavy technical skills, instead being able to configure and adjust content analysis jobs on-the-fly.

There are three primary concepts in this new interface:
Function Columns – The raw data to be collected
Scan Functions – How the raw data should be combined/filtered/grouped to produce an analysis
Scan Jobs – Which Scan Functions should be run, where, and when

Function Columns
Choose/define which columns your analysis should include. Use standard meta-data, MS extended meta-data or file attributes, boolean checks if a file contains a text string or a series of patterns, AD-lookup of file owners’ Department membership, last-logon date, line-manager, etc., the NTFS permissions configuration at the file or folder levels, if permissions inheritance has been turned off – all options are available and can be leveraged in your analyses.
Scan Functions
It is within a Scan Function that customers define the type of analysis that should be performed; combining Function Columns with logics, filters, and grouping to collect the information that is required. Using defaults, or created entirely from scratch. Collecting summary information to aid performance measurement, gathering broad swathes of information for further analysis, or targeting very specific areas-of-interest to support actions. Where do we have PII data, who is responsible for it, how old is it, who has access to it? How many PST files have been created in the past month? Give me a list of all large files that have not been modified in the last six months and belong to users who have left the organization.
Scan Jobs
Adding Scan Functions into a Scan Job creates the data gathering task. Multiple Scan Jobs can be created, running at different times and intervals, targeting different (or the same) data containers, and executing different (or the same) Scan Functions. Refresh your CISO’s ‘PII Warning Flag’ dashboards on a daily basis, update the ‘User-Driven Clean Up’ dashboards on a weekly basis, and collect monthly performance metrics for your regular team meetings.
Simplify Word Searches with Word Lists
Word Lists are used in Function Column definitions to help identify files that are of particular interest. Before 9.90 SR1 it was necessary to specify words/phrases to be matched within a Regular Expression – quickly leading to very long and complex search strings. Word Lists simplify this by breaking the words/phrases to be matched into separate objects; readable and editable in a text editor and available to multiple Scan Functions as a centralized book-of-record. Lists of medical terms to find PHI, city/town/village names to find geolocation information, words associated with login credentials, infrastructure schematics, customer accounts and records. Word Lists can include anything from a handful of specific terms to a list of many thousands of words and phrases. They can be default lists provided by Northern or lists created by the customer themselves.
Faster Text-Mining with Standard Patterns
Since first being introduced in NSS 9.8, the Text-mining capability in NSS has proven itself as an irreplaceable tool for categorization of file service content. Regular Expressions are used to define the patterns of text to match; offering superb flexibility and good performance (scanning speed). However, Northern has found that most customers share an interest in some specific text patterns. This commonality of needs provides the opportunity to add hard-coded search options alongside those defined with Regular Expressions. NSS 9.90 SR1 introduces five ‘Standard Patterns’: Credit Card Number, Social Insurance Number (Canada), National Insurance Number (UK), National Health Service Number (UK), Personnummer (Sweden), and 9-Digit Passport Number. In Northern’s labs these Standard Patterns are able to match their target strings orders of magnitude faster than via Regular Expressions. The list of available Standard Patterns will continue to grow in coming versions – submit your requests!
REST API Simplifies Integration
Northern has long been a believer in integrated solutions, where products and processes are not implemented as independent islands, but as part of a holistic strategy, targeting the values of cross-silo orchestration and automation. NSS 9.90 SR1 extends the integration possibilities available through the introduction of a REST API for its content analysis capabilities. This API can be used to manage existing Scan Jobs and Functions, trigger new Jobs and Functions, and retrieve data from the Northern database (push and pull). As a standard integration method, REST offers significant advantages for customers, System Integrators, and technology partners in their work to realize the value of adding ‘data about data’ into their existing workflows. Northern’s ServiceNow integration is a development area to follow.
NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software capabilities are available to you. Please contact your Account Manager, or to discuss the use cases NSS can be put to in your organization.


This change log details changes made between NSS 9.81 SR4 (9.81.22088.1805) and NSS 9.90 SR1 (9.90.22449.1810).

DNSSK-5854 WebClient: The ability to export and import Scan Packages via REST
DNSSK-5814 WebClient: Failed to Authenticate User error message when trying to delete file(s) NP-9457
DNSSK-5754 WebClient: Expose paragraph/document delimiter text-mining option in Scan Function configuration
DNSSK-5747 Dr.Northern: Collect trace files from NSS Console
DNSSK-5726 WebClient: Improve loading of data for users with Access Rules
DNSSK-5723 WebClient: Implement Word List REST API
DNSSK-5721 WebClient: Add Word List configuration items to the interface and API
DNSSK-5717 WebClient: “Name cannot be empty” error message when creating a Dashboard with a long name
DNSSK-5710 WebClient: Add Data Grouping to the Scan Functions Results API
DNSSK-5697 WebClient: Cache data on server to avoid database calls when not needed
DNSSK-5691 Dr.Northern: Include Scan Function list in Dr. Northern output
DNSSK-5690 NSR: Client context error while scanning SharePoint site collections in folder report
DNSSK-5689 WebClient: Failed to export data from Custom Analysis when it contains Permissions column
DNSSK-5670 NSR: Randomly empty Permissions field for SharePoint items
DNSSK-5667 WebClient: REST calls to get Summary data for scan function results
DNSSK-5655 NQS: Move the new Thread Pool settings from Settings to Quota Server 6\Server setting
DNSSK-5635 WebClient: Users get empty dashboards when using an invalid path in the address bar
DNSSK-5631 WebClient: When loading a Custom Analysis widget there are calls made to the server that are not needed
DNSSK-5627 WebClient: Add REST calls to get Summary and List of Aged Data
DNSSK-5626 WebClient: Failed to rebuild DB index during host scan post processing
DNSSK-5622 NSR: Cannot run one-off scans if a scan with the same name was previously resumed
DNSSK-5621 NSR: Case-sensitivity parameter broken for the expression rx.contains(file.content(), …)
DNSSK-5601 WebClient: Paging is not working in Access Rules Policies Error Window
DNSSK-5599 NSR: Increase the maximum message size quota for incoming messages when using ReportAPIClient proxy
DNSSK-5594 NSR: Improve RegEx processing in NSS.Expressions
DNSSK-5583 NQS: Change so CDOT uses the thread pool instead of throw-away threads by default
DNSSK-5495 NQS: Make it possible to add extra Technical Exclusions
DNSSK-5457 WebClient: Create indexes automatically for user widgets, to speed up display and sorting
DNSSK-5456 WebClient: Select only columns that the user is viewing in the Widget
DNSSK-5442 WebClient: Migrate Scan Scheduling to
DNSSK-5434 Webclient: Scan Functions configuration UI
DNSSK-5433 NSR: Move scheduled scanning to NSSX Service
DNSSK-5431 WebClient: Display the Path Label Value on the single path drill-down page instead of the underlying path
DNSSK-5414 WebClient: Improve speed when handling static resources on Console
DNSSK-5385 WebClient: Missing scoll bar in the left side menu on IE 10
DNSSK-5382 WebClient: Double border on DATA OWNERS widget on single path drill-down page
DNSSK-5370 WebClient: It should be possible to switch column places when adding/editing a widget
DNSSK-5367 Installer: Make Console installation package smaller
DNSSK-5337 NSR: Configurable chunk delimiters in Text-Mining (paragraph/document)
DNSSK-5322 NQS: Ensure Auto-Dir doesn’t create Quotas on Technical exclusions
DNSSK-5320 WebClient: Handle Path Category rename
DNSSK-5312 NQS: Add progress feeback to QSUnlock
DNSSK-5310 NQS: Improve QSUnlock maintainability and error reporting
DNSSK-5294 WebClient: Scan And Report API in NSSX to mirror that in NSSCore
DNSSK-5291 NQS: Implement support for Redis password feature
DNSSK-5285 WebClient: “Remove Path and Its Data” option in the console
DNSSK-5276 WebClient: Hide Administrative Menu Options that the user does not have access to
DNSSK-5269 WebClient: Grid Widget to Display File Type Group Usage – File type drill-down
DNSSK-5265 WebClient: “File Type Groups History” widget times out on large dataset
DNSSK-5257 NQS: QS Context menu error in Japanese CR #134
DNSSK-5206 WebClient: Upgrading using the Application Identity switch configuration will result in being locked out
DNSSK-5193 WebClient: NSSX service does not start in timely fashion
DNSSK-5187 WebClient: Display paths in a new ‘Paths’ administrative menu entry
DNSSK-5182 WebClient: Move Host Configuration options to a separate administrative menu entry
DNSSK-5175 NQS: Remove the obsolete “Quota Server Reports” menu item from QS UI
DNSSK-5171 WebClient: Ability to configure which Scan Functions should be included in a Scan Job
DNSSK-5170 WebClient: Ability to create multiple independent scan configurations
DNSSK-5158 NQS: Change VNX configuration so CEE is used by default for change tracking
DNSSK-5142 WebClient: Add validation of column choice in summary charts
DNSSK-5137 WebClient: Add Widget wizard doesn’t remember state of ‘Show summary chart’ option
DNSSK-5126 WebClient: Owner drill-down loads unnecessary cshtml file in Google Chrome
DNSSK-5121 WebClient: Add quota size history, thresholds and events to the Path widget
DNSSK-5114 WebClient: Redundant Access Rules that were created by Policies are not removed
DNSSK-5113 WebClient: Stop button jumping when editing a dashboard
DNSSK-5091 WebClient: It should be possible to edit the Age dashboard in path drill-down pages
DNSSK-5090 WebClient: Add the possibility to drill-down into File Type Groups
DNSSK-5089 WebClient: Possibility to specify contact information when error occurs
DNSSK-5076 WebClient: Use temporary table for Access Rules in order to speed up the query and data display
DNSSK-5026 WebClient: Empty page is shown if the user does not have ‘View Dashboard’ permission
DNSSK-4953 NQS: Ensure Technical Exclusions are always added to quotas
DNSSK-4928 WebClient: Add the possibility to choose the number of items displayed in a map chart
DNSSK-4842 NQS: QSExport and QSImport should preserve the Quota ID
DNSSK-4715 NSR: Extend support for text mining based on proximity between two or more matching strings
DNSSK-4683 WebClient: Ability to change timeout for data query
DNSSK-4651 WebClient: Selection is not kept when switching pages
DNSSK-4643 WebClient: Owner column items are not clickable in ‘Largest/Oldest Files’ widgets
DNSSK-4159 WebClient: Automatically configure Quota Servers
DNSSK-4086 WebClient: Persist widget column widths
DNSSK-4067 WebClient: Jobs are not reconfigured when the Database Connection is set
DNSSK-4057 WebClient: Create a separate widget type for duplicate files, with duplicate set grouping
DNSSK-3977 WebClient: Not possible to change path settings on a policy.
DNSSK-3425 WebClient: Add checkboxes for each row in the path configuration table, for Scan Job configuration
DNSSK-3329 US017: Dynamic Path Labels – scheduling refresh of labels
DNSSK-2497 WebClient: Uninstalling NSSConsole does not remove the site from IIS
DNSSK-1114 WebClient: Control mechanism to prevent Scan Function names exceeding maximum size (100 characters) NP-7084

NSS 9.90 SR1 is a GA version. Meaning it is available to customers who wish to take advantage of new capabilities, and recommended for customers experiencing any unexpected behaviour that is listed as resolved in the table above.

For customers with live Support and Maintenance agreements or solution subscriptions, access to this software package should be requested via mail. Please contact and request a download link.

Last updated: August 01, 2019