How to Retrieve a Reference Code

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Reference Codes, or Ref Codes, are part of the licensing procedure for NSS. You will be asked to provide Northern’s Registry Team with a Ref Code after you have received a Serial Number for the software. This code is then used by the Registry Team to produce a License File that is unique to your deployment of NSS. Applying this License File to your deployment is the final step in the licensing process.


1 Connect to one of your NSS servers. This has to be a machine where the NSS package has been installed (not the Console server).
2 Open the Licensing module.
3 You should be presented with a list of your Scanning and Quota Server servers. If you do not see all of the Scanning and Quota Server servers in this list, you must begin by adding them. Click Add (1) and follow the simple steps in the wizard.

The servers may be displayed with grey icons.

4 Select one of the servers in the list and click Register (2).
5 Select the hosts you wish to register and click Next.

Prior to registration the servers will be displayed with grey or red icons.

6 Please provide your organization’s name and address details. Then click Next.
7 Provide the name and contact details for the Solution Owner designated for Northern at your organization. Then click Next.
8 Enter the name of your reseller or system integrator as well as the Serial Number previously provided by Northern. Then click Next.
9 Specify the server that should hold license information for the machines you are now registering. Typically the ‘Computer running …‘ option can be used.

License information will be written into the registry of this server and all machines will contact it to confirm their license status. (License checks are performed when a quota threshold is passed (up/down) and when paths are enumerated at the beginning of a scan job.)

Breakdowns in communication with the License Server will cause disconnected machines to fall into an unlicensed state until communications are re-established. There is a grace period of 72 hours for loss of connectivity with the License Server.

10 Choose to ‘Copy registration information to clipboard’ and click Next.
11 Open Notepad, paste your registration information into the document and then save it with the name ‘license server name_RefCode’.
12 Send the file you just created to

When the Registry Team has received and reviewed your information you will be sent a license file. The license file is used to complete the licensing process.

Last updated: August 01, 2019