Creating an Application Role

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Application Roles are a type of Security Role. They control the level of access users have to the features of the application.

Due to the fact that a View Profile is connected to an Application Role (see step 4, image tag 7, below), Application Roles also control which dashboards are displayed to users – they see the dashboards configured within the View Profile connected to their Application Role.

Application Roles can only be created by users who have the relevant permissions within the console. These permissions are included in the built-in ‘Administrator’ Application Role.



1 On the Console page, in the menu on the left-hand side, go to Administration (1) -> Security (2) -> Security Roles (3)
2 A table listing the Application Roles that are already configured and available is displayed in the upper section of the Security Roles page.

To add a new Application Role, click on Add Application Role (4).

3 Specify a Name for the new Application Role (5).

The Name cannot be changed later, choose wisely.

Provide a suitable Description (6) for the new role; something that will ensure it is used correctly in the future.

4 Select a View Profile from the drop-down list (7).
5 The last step is to configure the permissions that you wish members of this Application Role to have; controlling which features of the application are available to role members.
Choose Allow/Deny (8) and then choose the specific operation (9) that wish to allow or deny role members.
Click Add permission (10) after each selection to create a list of allowed/denied permissions.
When you have completed your selections, click OK (11) to save the new Application Role.
6 Your new Application Role will now be displayed in the Application Role list.
It will also be available for selection when you add/edit Access Rules.


Last updated: September 19, 2019