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Illegally Stored Copyright-Protected Data

Identify and Delete Illegally Stored Copyright-Protected Data.


Organizations are legally responsible for the data stored in their file and mail services. Without oversight and guidance users can, and do, illegally store copyright-protected data. Most often this behavior is restricted to personal drives but Northern has even seen examples of shared ‘Team Libraries’ of music, movies, and TV series.

Most organizations are unknowingly at risk of significant economic and reputational damage due to the illegal presence of copyright-protected data in their file services. With simple steps, exposure can be quickly calculated and removed.

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Reduce risk

Security breaches, cyber-crime and data privacy regulation – your organization’s data will inevitably contain sensitive information.

Reduce cost

Storing your organization’s data is costly, especially when considering all expenses associated with housing the data.

Increase efficiency

Efficiency of those owning and being dependent of the data decreases as it becomes increasingly chaotic.

Corporate responsibility

Pressure mounts on all organizations to take more social responsibility – IT services, internal or external, need to incorporate capabilities facilitating CSR.
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Get started

If you wish to start using NSS to identify and delete illegally stored copyright-protected data, please contact your Account Manager, or the Professional Services team to get assistance in configuring your NSS deployment.
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