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Identify and Remove Email Archives

The need to identify and remove email archives, particularly PST files, will resonate with many organizations.


Cost and Complexity in Migration

At a time when many are choosing to adopt Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, and Exchange Online, the need to find and process (delete, absorb into the Exchange Online Archive, etc.) PST files is extremely common. The files can very large, they are most often obsolete user-created backups, and the network traffic arising from syncronization of active PST files can place significant load on connectivity.

Risk of Economic and Reputational Damage

Email archives can contain extremely sensitive information, valuable to the organization and to those who might seek to damage it. Espionage, theft, accidental or intentional disclosure; when email archives are involved, the consequences can be dramatic. Realizing and responding to these risks, many organizations have now introduced directives to cease the use of email archive files. These policies must be monitored and non-compliance flagged.

Success Story

A large American Financial Services company, in preparation for migration to M365, applied this solution to reduce their total number of PST files by 97%!

More of what we deliver

Reduce risk

Security breaches, cyber-crime and data privacy regulation – your organization’s data will inevitably contain sensitive information.

Reduce cost

Storing your organization’s data is costly, especially when considering all expenses associated with housing the data.

Increase efficiency

Efficiency of those owning and being dependent of the data decreases as it becomes increasingly chaotic.

Corporate responsibility

Pressure mounts on all organizations to take more social responsibility – IT services, internal or external, need to incorporate capabilities facilitating CSR.
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If you wish to start using NSS to identify and remove email archives, please contact your Account Manager, or the Professional Services team to get assistance in configuring your deployment.

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