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As Microsoft Copilot rolls out, data governance takes center stage – again

A corporate AI solution is an information-mining and accessibility solution. Put it into the hands of a user and every tiny piece of sensitive information that that user could ever hope to find, in the large pool of files they have access to, is now just one question away.

From HR nightmares like “How much money did Y make in 2022?”, to IP exposure “What are the specifications for Project X?”.

Understanding the Risks:

In this Computer World article, Avivah Litan, an analyst at Gartner, underlines two primary business risks associated with Copilot implementation.

The first one is the unsettling risk of Copilot “hallucinating” and providing users with incorrect information.

The second major risk occurs when everybody within an organization can use Copilot to find answers to any question among files and data within a company’s M365 environment.

While the article notes that “One in 10 files hosted in SaaS environments is accessible by all staff,” the experience of Northern suggests that this estimate is conservative.

Taking Action:

The introduction of generative AI solutions, like Microsoft Copilot, isn’t the only reason, nor the first, to approach information security and file data governance in a systematic way.

We provide our customers with the tool and the expertise to do this.

Contact us, and we’ll start a journey together to proactively manage the challenges with your file data – generative AI is just one reason !

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