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Northern is expanding its Field Engineering team in Stockholm, Sweden


A propos de Northern

Northern accelerates Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) programs for file data. Enabling CIOs and CISOs to establish foundational systems of record and facilitate key workflows across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid file services. Through our software and accumulated experience, Northern is capable of moving major organizations into positions of low risk and high compliance; file services used in accordance with centrally dictated policies, with clear lines of ownership and responsibility.

We’ve cut our teeth with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, major global engineering corporations, and massive government bodies. By guiding and supporting our customers we’ve improved information security in Canada, protected critical infrastructure in France, identified and closed security gaps in Sweden, strengthened regulatory compliance in Japan…we’ve been working very hard.

Despite our efforts to-date, the vast majority of CIOs and CISOs are actively excluding file data from GRC programs. Unaware of Northern’s successes, they continue to believe that including file data is prohibitively expensive and complicated. This situation is not necessary, sustainable, ethically defensible, or legally acceptable – and we mean to change it.

Northern is expanding its Field Engineering team in Stockholm, Sweden. Are you ready to join a small software development company that makes a big impact for a global customer base? To help senior managers understand the situation they are in, where their file data GRC priorities lie, and what changes they need to make? To work with customer engineering teams to implement solutions? To measure and report the success of these solutions, paving the way for further improvement?


The Role

Field Engineering

Members of Northern’s Field Engineering team have daily contact with companies using, or planning to use, Northern’s solution – in all of Northern’s major markets.

The team performs a series of vital activities in support of Northern’s overall goals. These range from providing technical input in sales engagements, designing suitable deployment architectures to achieve specific customer goals, to installing and configuring Northern’s software within customer environments and then supporting these customers over time.

Northern is a company with an open and informal culture – an environment where initiative and ideas are encouraged. We are a small and tightly knit team serving a global market of some of the mightiest corporations in the world. Each member of this team is encouraged to develop to their fullest and all are critical members of the chain. Joining Northern is taking a place on the front-line of the emerging data management field; working hard, working smart and helping to build a global reputation for quality and value.

The new team member will initially be focused on learning the tools of their trade:

  • Getting comfortable with Northern’s software and customer engagement processes
  • Familiarizing themselves with relevant (network, security, etc.) environmental aspects
  • Building awareness of the types of problems Northern can solve, and their importance

The next step will be to start applying this fledgling knowledge:

  • Learning to recognize a customer’s underlying needs and determine how Northern can help
  • Preparing the components necessary to deliver on the needs identified
  • Implementing those components in the customer environment

In the beginning, you will work closely with experienced Field Engineers. You will become increasingly independent as you accumulate knowledge and confidence, eventually graduating to a position where you hold primary responsibility for some of Northern’s key accounts – customers that could be based (almost) anywhere in the world.


The Ideal Candidate

What we are looking for

To be successful in this role you need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills and be comfortable in direct customer interaction. As a person you are enthusiastic about how emerging technologies can be leveraged to solve real business problems, and you are able to project that enthusiasm. You are a creative problem solver; looking beyond the obvious to identify long-term solutions that benefit both Northern and the customer.

Personal Skills

  • You are structured, methodical, and logical in your approach –  a believer in the scientific method.
  • You have very strong communication skills – spoken, and written.
  • You are fluent in Swedish and English – spoken and written.
  • You strive for the highest levels of quality but know that tasks must be prioritized.
  • You are very interested in how companies realize value through technology, not the technology itself
  • Experience in technical customer-facing roles (technical support, pre-sales, etc.) is beneficial, but not required

Technical Skills

  • It is critical that you are interested in technology; software, networks, scripting, etc. and how these types of technologies can be used to achieve an organization’s goals
  • It is important that you have some knowledge of general (Windows) systems administration – that you feel comfortable with this as a working environment
  • It is beneficial if you’re familiar with MS SQL, Active Directory, Windows networking, PowerShell, and/or Windows Security and Access Management.


  • Your attitude, interest in IT, and other personal qualities weigh very heavily. A university-level education in IT-related subjects is good evidence of these qualities. However, such an education is not a requirement for this position.


How to Apply

Do you believe this role could be right for you?

If you believe that your background, skills, and interests would quickly see you becoming a valuable member of Northern’s Field Engineering team, then please send your resumé and an introductory letter to for consideration.

Interviews are being conducted continuously; submit your application as soon as possible.

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