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American Financial Services Company

Identify and Remove E-mail Archives at an American Financial Services Company.

The Case

As many organizations, this American Financial Services company has adopted a cloud-first strategy when it comes to storing information. One part of that strategy was moving to M365 where group shares were moved to SharePoint Online, home drives were moved to OneDrive for Business and e-mail moved from an on-prem Exchange server to Exchange Online.

When they started to look at moving e-mails, they realized that many employees had kept large PST files in their home folders and that they needed to be removed to not take up unnecessary space and create excessive risk in the new environment.

The company was already using Northern’s software solution (NSS), so making use of its capabilities for this project was an easy decision. Northern provided the company with a pre-configured package that located all mail archive files. 21,652 PST files were found scattered around the environment. It was decided that any PST file created before January 1st, 2021 should be removed and in only two weeks the company had reduced the number of PSTs to just 564 files, a reduction of over 97%.

Using Northern’s solution the company was not only able to find and delete the PST files but also track the progress and legally verify the data deletion.

The next step for the company is to use the same proven process to identify and mitigate redundant database files.

About the Company

This almost 100-year-old American Financial Services company today has over one million customers across 19 states. Their almost 4,000 employees provide their customers with insurance (home, auto, life) as well as investment advice, including retirement planning.
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